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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Weekend Reading For Mar 10 - 11, 2007

In "Weekend Reading" I'll collect what I thought were the best posts and articles for the week from various bloggers.

I only focus on posts and links that relate to trader improvement or trading in general.

There's nothing like getting over a bad week than to read up on articles about trading. Not only does it lift your spirits, but you might even learn a thing or two!

Here's this weekend's edition:

  • Kevin at Kevin's Market Blog wrote up an excellent article about something I constantly have problems with - it's a Fear Of Missing Out

  • Here, Dogwood continues looking at the Improved R2 Strategy (see last week's links) and show you some stats by using other RSI values in Extreme RSI

  • Will at had this deep post about how the greatest teacher of all is the markets and he covers things like ego and discipline in the excellent article entitled Trading And The Personal Journey

  • Here are some excellent points by George Fontanills to consider that were posted over at the Kirk Report in A Winning Trader's Edge

  • Looking for a discount online broker? Steven over there at the Value Blog Review does a fantastic job of rounding up the various brokers, listing their pros and cons along with prices in Online Discount Stock Broker Review

  • Jeff White at the StockBandit keeps those free newsletters coming - this one is about Oversold Conditions

  • Fear, guilt, pride, overconfidence - all of these can affect your trading and Piranha does a great job of writing about it in A Study In Human Psychology

  • Emotions, lack of focus and trading don't go hand in hand and over at Profiling Leadership they explain that in Process Is The Key

  • TraderGav posted some great Quotes By Felix Dennis taken from the article "If You Want To Be Rich, Stop Being So Frightened" which really put a lot of things in perspective, especially for what I've been going through

  • Here are some great points to ponder done by Lifepost over there at High Probability Trading entitled Stop Loss, WHERE IS IT? that really helped me along with my trading struggles

  • A few bloggers were pointing out a new blog and I can see why....there are some great posts coming out from Corey at his AfraidToTrade blog - here he makes some excellent points in Quick Comment On Less Successful Traders

Ok folks - I need to recharge this weekend after these past two weeks of trading and hopefully I can do some meaningful "self-discovery" with what I'm doing.

Take care folks, enjoy your weekend, and good trading to all!

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