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Friday, November 17, 2006

Weekend Reading For Nov 18th - 19th

Since I often have a difficult time trying to integrate links to interesting articles in my posts, I thought I'd start posting "Weekend Reading".

In "Weekend Reading" I'll collect what I thought were the best posts and articles for the week from various bloggers, which gives me an opportunity to provide linkage to great blogs that I find very helpful.

I'll concentrate on articles that relate to trader improvement and hopefully these articles/posts can pass some time over the weekend so that we can all get back to trading on Monday!

TraderFeed - Why It's So Difficult To Be A Trend Follower

Ricard at Move The Markets - Goal For The Week: Be Free Of Goals

The Kirk Report Lists The 100 Most Influential Books

Boogster Reviews The Last Couple Of Months

StockTickr Interviews Tom C., from Trader-X

Tale of the Tape Talks About A Loss Of Focus (he also pokes fun at "trading journals" and "diaries" :) all in good fun of course! ;))

WilyTrader's How I Use TRIN (aka Arms Index)

Trader ZBS Looks Into His Afternoon Trading Woes In Outside Of Trading Life

Ugly Tell Us The Top 10 Reason He Visits Your Blog (I appreciate being mentioned Ugly! Thanks!)

WilyTrader Asks What's Your Morning Routine?

Trader-X Revisits An Older Post About Success In Chasing Success, Again

CalTrader Reviews The Scalp Of The Year In NYMEX's Gift To Me (almost $11,000 made on one scalp on 400 shares! You're my hero Cal!)

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