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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Just Another Day At The Office

Gross: +$910.00
Net: +$770.84
Loss From Top: 0
Trades: 67
Shares Traded: 136600

Stocks Traded Today (net profit/loss):
Citigroup (C): +$427.92
JP Morgan (JPM): +$124.44
Home Depot (HD): +$121.59
Micron Tech (MU): +$81.24
Hewlett Packard (HPQ): +$68.05
Bank of America (BAC): +$62.97
Tyco (TYC): +$24.14
Disney (DIS): -$139.47

Well? What can I say? Today I felt as if I could have done much better than $770, but there were times when I was just a little too slow and there were about 3 trades that I missed that would have been great winners.

As mentioned before, usually I'm more aggressive on the first day of a new month because I know if I screw up the first day, I've got the rest of the month to make it up. That's why I will either make a little more than usual, or I'll lose a lot of money.

Today one of the other full time traders at our branch made $10,000 in one day! I hope that one day I'll be up there too. The top guy in our company is pulling in on average about $30K a day, while there are several others that pull in an average of about $20K a day.

I'm going to bring my share size back to normal (6000 and 8000) and hopefully I can continue this for the rest of this month.

I had a rough start to the morning as I opened the day with a big losing trade. From that point on, I kept things simple. Unfortunately I didn't have any good trades ($200 or more trades), but I did have several $100+ trades.

Good Trades
None, but there were numerous $100+ trades

Bad Trades
9:41AM - Disney (DIS) was uptrending as were the Futures. DIS started to flatten out and I saw two big levels on the offer. I figured the Futures were getting tired, so for some reason I decided to short. I got short 5000 shares. Both DIS and the Futures continued moving upwards, so I got out as follows: 2-cent loser (2000 shares), 3-cent loser (3000 shares) ($130 loser before fees)
  • I was just trying a few things (since it was the first day of the month). I tried to anticipate the movements of the stock and the Futures, but it didn't work
  • Normally I wouldn't even dream of putting this trade on, as it breaks several of my trading rules


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