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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

On Tap For Wed Jan 31, 2007

The following are some of the NYSE stocks that I will be keeping an eye on and possibly trading tomorrow. Obviously there may be news on other stocks that come out overnight or in the morning, so I may be trading those stocks as well.

Here are some of the stocks I'm watching for tomorrow. Keep in mind that there is an FOMC announcement at 2:15PM tomorrow, so trade with care.
  • The Allstate Corporation (ALL)* reported after the close today and was trading down by 2.39% in after-hours trade
  • The following are some of the stocks that are reporting tomorrow before the open (please note that these are not all the stocks that are reporting tomorrow - just the ones I'm watching); I'm watching for any surprises:
  • Boston Scientific Corp. (BSX)* pushed past some resistance and ended the day strong today; I'll watch to see where it goes from here; BSX closed at $18.59
  • Pilgrim's Pride Corp. (PPC)* also managed to push through some resistance, making new 52-week highs and ended the day strong; I'm also watching this one to see where it goes; PPC closed at $31.70
  • United States Steel Corporation (X) also ended the day strong as it pushed through it's 52-week high; X closed at $80.27
  • Tesoro Corporation (TSO) looked strong again today and notched another 52-week high; though I didn't get a chance to trade it today, tomorrow I'll watch with more interest as the oil report will be released tomorrow morning; TSO closed at $81.73
Please note that those stocks denoted with a * and highlighted green indicate that they are on the SHO Pilot List which means you can short them on a downtick.

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